Salesforce’s new asset for business to re-openning in CO-VID’s time


We are facing different times, everywhere we look things are moving faster and differently than before. Communities and businesses require adapting to face these changes with the pace that it requires.

During this pandemic, we have to rely on strong science-based technologies to guide our decision toward effectively respond to our communities and businesses at large.

Salesforce has come up with new technology solutions and resources designed to help businesses from everywhere reopen, prepare their employees, and overall have a better impact amidst this current pandemic.

Focusing on a safe solution to reopening and facing a so-called ''new normal'' allows blending health experts insights, business data, and any Salesforce ecosystem resulting in a powerful and knowledgeful platform to boost good practices and bottom-line help communities.

We chose a few of our favorites features here:

A powerful dashboard for all:'s Command Center is a ready to go dashboard with useful information with every topic you may need to make decisions.

From public health trusted data to internal application data, the Command Center got you covered. Best part? is customizable and you can integrate other applications' data.

New Skills for New Times

The platform comes with a new set of MyTrailhead content designed to reshape and add new skills useful for these new times.

For instance, new compliance safety policies will be available so employees can get ready to complete them.

Get Top Experts' Insights:

A useful feature to have on these times is to display reliable and real-time public health commentary and advice from experts.

Salesforce's resource center provides commentary from experts in real-time, powerful assets when trying to adapt to constant changes.

Overall seems like a powerful asset designed to assist businesses looking to return to this new normal. With well balanced useful, powerful, and insightful tools that every single person in the process of reopening will find useful.

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