AGS’s Oracle Eloqua Solutions:
Taking Control of this Marketing Automation Powerhouse

Few platforms carry the sterling reputation and robust functionality of Oracle Eloqua, part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. With advanced targeting and segmentation, powerful lead management, and comprehensive reporting and alignment capabilities, this platform is without a doubt an undisputed leader in marketing automation.
But learning how to harness the power of this system can be daunting. And with so many features, segmentation options, and diverse strategies to employ, many companies struggle to take full advantage of Eloqua –a real problem given the platform’s pricing.


That's where AGS comes in

At Atlas Global Solutions, we’ve worked with numerous companies to unlock the true potential of Eloqua’s sophisticated marketing automation and lead gen capabilities.
Whether you’re in the process of launching a new multi-channel campaign that spans video, mobile, email, and web, or you are searching for ways to align marketing and sales for a more seamless workflow using Eloqua, we have the experience to help.
  • Make Eloqua Work For You
    Navigating the numerous features and options of Eloqua can be tough if you’re unfamiliar with the platform. We can help untangle the web and build a sophisticated, powerful campaign that takes full advantage of Eloqua’s revenue-earning capacity.
  • Flexibility + Speed = Better ROI
    Not all businesses have the resources to build a dedicated in-house marketing team. AGS’s expertise and 15 years of marketing experience give us the speed and flexibility needed to offer comprehensive campaign execution in half the time of a manual build. And for you, that means a healthier bottom line.
  • From Integration to Custom Development
    Oracle is designed to work compatibly with hundreds of third party vendors. Our dedicated developers can help you identify and incorporate the right integration for your business need. And if your problem is unique, we provide far-reaching custom development capabilities as well.

Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of our clients

Eloqua is one of the most intricate and advanced marketing automation platforms available. And while using it effectively can be tricky, doing so can be a major driver in long-term success.
And with AGS, we can help you get the absolute most out of Eloqua every time.