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Teleworking in times of Co-Vid

In the path to complete 're-opening' and normalization, we have to re-think and re-shape many aspects of our daily lives. Hanging from the way we live to the way we entertain ourselves, and of course, counting the way we work. Some places are already well geared upon re-opening and millions are, as we speak, heading…
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We are facing different times, everywhere we look things are moving faster and differently than before. Communities and businesses require adapting to face these changes with the pace that it requires. During this pandemic, we have to rely on strong science-based technologies to guide our decision toward effectively respond to our communities and businesses at…
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5 Crucial Ways Freelancers Trump Conventional Employees

5 Crucial Ways Freelancers Trump Conventional Employees Today, companies are more likely than ever to hire freelancers to meet their expanding needs. Nearly every type of business – from insurance providers and IT startups to retail stores and marketing firms – are taking advantage of this burgeoning group of fluid workers. And it isn’t any…
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